The Duck Dynasty Controversy

A&E, influenced by GLADD of the LGBT community heard some remarks from Phil Robertson, patriarch of the famed show “Duck Dynasty” regarding the sin of homosexuality. Looking on the Internet and YouTube, there are many that support Phil for standing up for the Word of God.

And of course, you have the small contingent of naysayers, intolerant of righteousness. They vehemently condemn Phil and demanded his removal.

They got exactly what they’ve demanded. Now, word is out that the Robertson family is seriously considering moving on. The competition had better watch it too. To impose restrictions on free speech regarding the sin of homosexuality is dangerous.

The Robertson’s will not sign another contract that holds a gun to their heads. The support is picking up and there is nothing that 4% of the homosexual American population could do about it.

As you well know, if you’ve watched the show, they share their Christian values and pray in Jesus’ name at the end of almost each episode. Not every show follows what I view as tight Christian themed segments such as their Halloween show and Willie attempting to get into the wine business, but over all, the show is worthy to watch.

We all have or have had our involvement in certain things that would raise eyebrows.

Otherwise, we would be dryer than a forest without rain. We are not to be a friend of the world according to James 4:4. We are to be a bright light in a dark world. We are to be salt to preserve the world. That’s what we are called by the Lord Jesus to do.

When it comes to sin, make no mistake about it.

From the time sin originated in heaven, the Lord has zero tolerance for ALL sin.

Over 40 years ago, I had no clue what homosexuals were or what they did.

When you observe a man with feminine traits, that seemed strange to me. Then when you hear and see what they actually do, either you are repulsed by it or because of watching “threesome” porn, two males and a woman or two women and a male, you grew accustomed to homosexuality. You do not call it homosexuality. It’s just porn. But it is more to it than meets the eye. The only thing that mattered to you is that you are pretending to have sex with them. Never mind the fact that they are performing straight and homosexual sex.

You are now tolerant of homosexuality because what’s important to you is that you are “getting off.”

So when you see an actual porn film of males having sex with other males, you begin to see why it is repulsive. I’ve never observed male porn but when I was first exposed to porn as a teen, the sex that three men were having on one female was repulsive.

Anal sex, vaginal sex, and oral sex simultaneously.

On one woman.

There, you can see that perversion knows no boundaries.

So I can only imagine the kind of sex males have with other males.

Paul called it “unnatural.” 

Phil’s comments were no more repulsive in describing the filthy sex acts of homosexuals and in contrast, gave what “natural” sex is about.

So if anyone is surprised by his remarks, think again about the ungodly activities done in the bedrooms of homosexuals. We shouldn’t penalize a man for describing what we all know that goes on in the house of homosexuals. The place where a human poops is not intercourse with a woman. Even if it’s done to a woman, it is still unnatural because God designed where a married man is to place his penis. Into his one and only wife. This is nothing new. So do not blush.

What’s repulsive is repulsive and the homosexual community knows it. This is called damage control because the more we could obscure what takes place in homosexuality, the more they could get younger kids to cross the line into places of sexual sins.

Homosexuality is the highest form of perversion barring bestiality.

There is a statistic about bestiality that 1% of the population engage in bestiality and that cancer of the penis is the result. Also, the individuals that participate in bestiality are the top 1% smartest people in the world.

I wish I had the link about that but if you go to you will hear an episode I did on Bestiality.

Here is what’s at stake.

America has become so protective of the sin of homosexuality that when you place all the sexual sins on the table, we see that all sin is what God is against. To place the light of the Word of God on the sin of homosexuality puts the spot light on all Secret and Overt Sexual Sins.

So what does A&E do?

They attack the Word of God about true sex between married couples.

Let’s face it. Those that practice the sin of homosexuality is still loved by God (see John 3:16). This is because they love sin more than to be loved by God. That’s why they are self condemned as Jesus said in John chapter 3. All they need to do is decide to be loved by God and depart sin. What they try to do is try to be loved by God while loving sin and this is not to be. God demands holiness and a departure from the sin that you love.

God sent His Son to die for our sins so that we could never continue in sin. Jesus didn’t die for our sins so we could could continue in sin.

The agenda has always been to silence the truth. For if truth continues to be preached, people would break free of the curse of sin and live lives holy unto God. Once a person repents of their sins, ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness, the Bible tells us that God is merciful and He will abundantly pardon” us.

That’s the love of God. We have to bring the truth about what homosexuals do because the world glamorizes the very thing that God abhors and condemns. It’s like attempting to put sugar and fruit on human excretion, and eating it with a smile. Hence, what is done by homosexual men with their penis’ in the anus and back out for oral sex.

Paul says to “expose them.” Paul also tells us that it is a “shame to talk about it.” 

He never said not to talk about it but that it is a shame to talk about it (see Ephesians 5:11-12).

So if you are not repulsed by it, then you are a friend of the world and an enemy of God.

The censorship of America is well underway. This will not be the last. However, those that stand for the truth will continue to speak against the evil ways of our society. We will continue to sound the alarm about all sin without apology or fear.

The truth will stand. The truth was here before we came, and the truth will be here, should Christ tarry well after we leave.

For further reading, please go to GCMWatch with Pastor DL Foster on more regarding Duck Dynasty by clicking this link…….

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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