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© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationWhat did Jesus say about sodomy, if anything?

Where and when did the name Sodom come about?

According to Easton’s Bible Dictionary, Sodom was known as the place of “burning.” According to J.B. Jackson’s Dictionary Of Scripture Proper Names, Sodom means “fettered.”

Obviously, fetter means “a chain or shackle for the feet or something that confines. 

When you are in any sin, just as the Lord Jesus said, “…you are a slave to sin.”

With certainty, this city was in the vicinity of the southern portion of the Dead Sea.

Jesus would use the word “Sodom” to compare the cities that He preached in. That they would be judged far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment.

Why would the Lord Jesus use the word of Sodom? Why didn’t He use the name of another city?

Jesus preached the gospel in the cities of Israel. He is saying that the people in these cities will be judged far worse for the sin of rejecting the gospel. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah would be judged for the sin of homosexuality and other sexual sins, but the severity of judgment would be less.

Contrasting the severity of judgment is the point.

People in the cities where Jesus preached would be judged more severely for rejecting the gospel than those that practiced the sin of homosexuality and other sexual sins in the cites of Sodom and Gomorrah.

So the city of Sodom and its activities is known for its lewd behavior which depicts one thing.


Otherwise, the Lord Jesus would have used other cities for contrast purposes.

Sodom and Gomorrah, and the surrounding cities that practiced the sin of homosexuality were severely judged with fire and brimstone from heaven. But there is an eternal judgment that will take place that is far severer than the judgment that Sodom and Gomorrah received.

Sodomy is also used as a word to describe “anal sex” or using the penis to penetrate the anus as well as male oral sex, and male on male masturbation. Even self sex, commonly called masturbation is considered homosexuality.

I know that this is graphic but we all know that the way practicing homosexuals dress up homosexuality is by calling it love, not lusts of the flesh and fulfilling the desires of the depraved mind.

What’s not hidden is the end results of the practice of the sin of homosexuality. As with heterosexual sexually transmitted diseases that is acquired when the sin of adultery and fornication takes place, practicing homosexuals get that and HIV/AIDS.

This disease is still an incurable disease. It is still a death sentence. Not to mention the fact that perforation and other known anal injuries is part of the territory.

The false notion and lie that “it gets better” is the failed attempt to reduce the stigmatization.

It is a “carrot on the stick” approach to give the appearance that sodomy isn’t bad.

According to the CDC, every 39 minutes, it doesn’t get better. It gets worse. Someone will be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The risks of acquiring this disease increases when a person engage in risky Biblical declared illegal sex. It doesn’t get better when anyone practicing illegal sex as a heterosexual or homosexual acquires a strain of syphilis and gonorrhea that defeats penicillin and other antibiotics.

These diseases mutate while the cure can’t mutate and are defeated.

Meanwhile, the elite of the LGBT community flashed the argument for quite some time that Jesus said nothing specifically about homosexuality.

Sadly, they achieved a measure of success against those that do not really know the Scriptures. We must remember that those in the sin of homosexuality will fight anyone (and if they could) almost to the death, to legitimize homosexuality. They will use every means to make homosexuality acceptable, including misappropriating what the Scriptures said about homosexuality with futile reasoning.

Our intent is not to insult people but to insult the reasoning of people.

Upon reading in Huff Post, it was stated that LGBT is pretty much getting what they’ve wanted but the conservatives are pushing back. Acquisition of same sex marriage is not the end of the line for the elite of LGBT. Unfettered acceptance will be attained when they could force the righteous to accept the sin of homosexuality.

Acceptance will have been acquired when churches are forced by law to perform marriages for homosexuals and all other sacerdotal functions. Full acceptance will have been acquired when the business of same sex couples is no longer turned away by people and businesses that hold to traditional Biblical values.

The means of this acquisition is through the legislative process, judicial activism, and infiltration of religious institutions. It’s not enough that they make separate institutions. Their victory will be deemed full and complete when the long standing sacred institutions that prohibited practicing homosexuals are forced by law to conform to the complete defiance of the Holy Scriptures.

As a note, even those that practice adultery and fornication will use their futile reasonings to justify adultery and fornication. In most cases, they avoid attempting to justify their sin with Scripture but with those that practice the sin of homosexuality, they will use the argument of “silence” to justify the right to sin.

If nothing was said, we have permission. Silence is permission, right?

Now while Paul said in Romans 4:15, “…because the law brings about wrath; for where there is no law there is no transgression,” we all know that God declared in Leviticus 18:22 that same sexuality as “an abomination” or “disgusting.” In Malachi 3:6 the Lord said “I am the Lord, I change not.”

The Word of God is eternally established by the Eternal God. He said what He meant and it must remain that way. To change God is impossible. To change His Word is impossible. God and His Word defies what sinful man wants. What is possible is that man is given the chance to repent (change his mind) and he must change to conform to the immutable will of God.

The redemption of sin was paid in full by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, God’s position is non negotiable. He demonstrated His love for man by sending His Son to die for man so that all men could be unfettered.

For quite some time, the worldwide perspective is that God got it all wrong and people that follow the strict teachings of the Word of God got it wrong too. Those that practice sexual sins side in with this argument and will use every flawed reasoning to make righteousness evil.

As a side note, the United States has been leading the call to make other sovereign nations that shun homosexuality out as the ones that is wrong about the sin of homosexuality. Thus accusing other sovereign nations that stand against the sin of homosexuality as nations that are discriminate bigots. As we know, it isn’t working because these sovereign nations took note of one word, and used it effectively.


Hence, these courageous sovereign nations are boldly telling America, Europe and all other gay affirming nations to stay out of their business. You have no jurisdiction in a sovereign nation.

Now the argument that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality is almost an argument that could make the unlearned in Scripture back away. Their argument is clear that Jesus said nothing  about homosexuality.

What we see in the Scriptures is the fact that Jesus spoke volumes about marriage between one man and one woman. His statements in Matthew 5:27-32 and Matthew 19:4-5 rebukes every false reasoning about nothing was said by Jesus about homosexuality.

The argument goes the other way.

The Bible said nothing about permitting same sex marriage.


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