PUSHING BACK AGAINST LGBT Rights. One Of LGBT’s Greatest Fear.

wedding-cake-gay-10858776In Charisma News, Arizona has “pushed back” with a very powerful piece of legislation.

Christian businesses have the exclusive right not to serve homosexuals will be protected by law in Arizona.

The governor still has to sign the bill into law.

Of course the complaint is that this is discriminatory but as we have been saying all along.

Sin and racism are two different subjects.

If being a person that stands against homosexuality is discrimination then putting a murderer in jail is discriminatory.

It goes further than that. There is a push to make pedophilia legal. In some cases that were reported, child molestation takes place when two men raising kids takes place. In one case, a woman caught her partner making a move to molest her daughter. Her maternal instincts kicked in and she took her child out of the country to avoid lawsuits.

Get my point?

This is the kind of legislation that will get much attention, all the way to the Supreme Court. But it’s the kind of protection Christians need to be free to exercise the right not to allow their services to be used to bolster the sin of homosexuality.

2 Corinthians 6:14-18 tells us to be separate. Christians must reserve the right not to be party to a person’s sin. Making a cake to celebrate same sex sin falls in that category. Besides, if homosexuals want a cake to celebrate their sin, there are plenty of places they could go to have their cake made.

There are plenty of places that would love their business too.

But that’s not enough.

It is a clear demonstration of bullying to force Christians to violate Biblical principles to endorse the sin of homosexuality.

It’s not enough to legislate. LGBT’s goal is to get Christians to compromise Biblical values so that God and the righteous people of God could endorse the sin of homosexuality. Like I said, if you get turned down from Christians, just find another place where your business would be accepted.

We do it every day. When a business refuse to do service, we find another place that would accept our business. The business lose business. That’s done every day. To make a point to punish a business, a lawsuit is issued to hurt the business. This is childish. Just find another place that would make your cake.

Somewhere Christians must make a stand so that we will not violate the Word of God and our sacred right to uphold our God given rights.

The more we stand up to the bullying tactics of LGBT, the more strength we will gain to be a witness that sin is not applauded or celebrated.

We know that this isn’t over because the strategy to overturn this is underway. That’s fine. We know that counter attacks are a way of life in this issue, but for now, this is a big victory.

Below is a link to this great news.


Avoiding The Wrong Man Or Woman To Marry

canstock16269318There are some people that you need to avoid marrying.

That’s right. AVOID!

J. Lee Grady wrote two powerful articles about who to avoid marrying that is worth the read.

Do not get in despair. I believe that if we were to really assess what is actually going on in our lives and be honest, each one of us has something about us that make us unattractive for marriage. You may be attractive outwardly for the wedding, but there are certain people that are unattractive inwardly that only the Lord knows how to deal with.

There is one thing I do believe. The unsaved are tops on the list when it comes to avoid marrying. This I agree with J. Lee Grady which you will see in his write up.

Have you ever driven a car and you were about to hit something? You took deliberate evasive action to avoid a collision.

Have you ever walked and then you knew that you were about to walk into someone? You stepped around that individual to avoid walking into him or her.

Have you ever saw a mess on the table that you were about to sit and have breakfast? You asked them to clean it up because you want to avoid something dirty.

Have you ever walked the street and you saw dog poop? You quickly adjusted where you would set your foot to avoid stepping into something.

I think you got the point.

Very few of us avoid the wrong person to marry because of certain factors that outweighed or overruled wisdom, and that little hint in your heart that this one will be trouble.

Marriage has become volatile. In any relationship there is risk for separations and divorce. These things could be avoided if we take the time to use wisdom and due diligence to make the best possible choice before “sealing the deal.”

Failure to do so will lead to many hurts and wounds.

God is the only one that can make people happy. Not your wife or husband. Please click the link, then come back and read the rest of this blog.


When sex becomes the only reason to marry, it is a sad thing. That’s because you are basing your marriage on 15 or 20 minutes of pleasure. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of people out there that want to get married for the right reasons. Then again, there’s a lot of people that are ill equipped and ill prepared for the rigors of making a marriage work.

Some of you may have heard this before but everyone prepares well for the wedding, very few prepare well for the marriage.

Missing certain signs while you are courting could be disastrous.

Sadly, many women settle for less because in the church and in the world, there is a clear shortage of men that are prepared for marriage. Men are instant when it comes to sex but slow in the other important areas. Women are prepared but there are some things about women that will drive a man into the bosom and bed of another woman.

Really, it comes down to who will listen to the Lord and who will listen to the devil. There are people that are potential marriage material, but because they refuse to make changes in their lives, the wise man or woman will see it, and run.

If men and women are running from you, it is a good indication that there is something that you need to change to cause someone stay.

Granted, and if the shoe doesn’t fit, squeeze into it.

Until you get your act together, you are not marriage material.

When it comes to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, pathetically, there is men and women that profess to know the Lord but still do not have their stuff together. Some of them hide behind their spirituality. After “church” is over, the real person shows up.

This is not the way it supposed to work. What’s the point in going to the house of worship if you are unwilling to make changes and accept the truth about yourself? It’s not that going to the house of worship is a waste of time. You are wasting away the opportunity to receive correction, and instruction in righteousness so that you would be a better person in the Lord.

We can reduce the amount of pain and suffering by applying the Word of God and grow up in the Lord.

Truth is about helping people, not revealing their weaknesses and leave them in the middle of the road bleeding and in tears.

The Lord wants every marriage to succeed, however, it begins by working on the areas where you and I know that need real work.

We can stop being a piece of work when we seek to ask God to piece us together so that we could get it together.

In any case, people sometimes will not accept the challenge to change. You will run into them and when they refuse to change, you must refuse to accept them in the condition they are. It is better to remain single, as J. Lee Grady said, than to enter into a marriage with nothing but trouble. Below is two powerful articles about who to avoid marrying.

If you are already in a marriage, it’s good reading too because there maybe some things that were listed that you are seeing in your marriage. You could be seeing some things about yourself that you are in denial about. The thing that you are to do if these things are manifesting in your relationship is to get the Word of God and apply its principles to rectify the issue.

Should your marriage be on the rocks, by applying the Word to change your life, you might avoid separation or divorce.

Ladies, never mind trying to change your man and fellas, looking for another woman is not wisdom. Too often, after reading stuff like this, women look to change their man and never change themselves first. Men run to the bosom of another woman instead of making changes in themselves to understand their wives.

There is no such thing as an irreconcilable difference. All differences are reconcilable. It’s when two persons in a relationship are too hardheaded or headstrong to mature and resolve the conflict.

I believe that if singles today would use a lot of wisdom, we could reduce the need to entertain Secret Sexual Sins and other issues that makes a marriage vulnerable to constant volatility.



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