Full Court Press On Baphomet and Connections To All Sexual Immorality

220px-BaphometIn a previous blog, I share links to Omega Church Ministries regarding “Tears For Beyonce`.”

Then all of a sudden, this blog comes up and shares along the lines of Baphomet.

The same devil, called satan, that operates in the world of music entertainment in the life of Beyonce` and other rap star, R&B performers.

Lewdness is a critical part of the entertainment world because it is called “The Seamless Connection.”

Why is sexual immorality critical to the devil?

Evil must be attractive and addictive. The urges and impulses, when left unbridled encourages lasciviousness. Where there is an absence of restraint, everything is possible. When a man or a woman is ruled by their flesh to access dopamine in their system, there is nothing that a person won’t do to experience a high.

Music serves as one of the most important mediums where demon spirits have a portal to enter humans, possess them, obsess them, and express complete anarchy in absolute dominance of God’s creation. The ultimate goal is to destroy man whom God created since the devil cannot destroy God.

By listening to worldly music, you are connecting yourself to the demonic influences of the world where all sorts of sexual lewdness is available.

That’s why the connections of music and sexual immorality is so deeply embedded in people that it makes coming to Jesus difficult, but not impossible. Music coupled with sex is a stronghold that captivates people and makes them resistant to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Look closely at the arms of this picture and you will see something.

“The 19th century image of a Sabbatic Goat was created by Eliphas Lévi. The arms bear the Latin words SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together).” (Wikipedia).

Who are we to “separate” ourselves from? Who are we to “join together” with?

Notice that the right arm (separate) is pointed up, like it was pointing towards heaven and the left arm (join together) is point down, like it was pointing towards hell. While this may not be the proper interpretation of this picture, it leaves room for this interpretation to be possible.

Also, notice that it is the symbol of a goat. Remember Jesus said that He would say to the goats on the left depart from Me, and to the sheep on the right to join Him and enter into the kingdom (see Matthew 25:31-46). But also it could mean that those that follow Baphomet must be separated and be joined together with the devil.

Again, I could be wrong.

One more thing.

With the Baphomet symbol, you will notice the breasts of a female and a male body. Also the goat head. They symbolize the transvestite, homosexuality, gender change, drag queens, and lesbianism combined as one. Then the goat head connections to male and female bestiality. Deuteronomy 22:5, Leviticus 18:22-23. These symbolizations were not documented from other sources. I took it upon myself to apply the definitions based solely upon the fact that to come away with any other conclusion, it would probably detract from what the devil intended all along.

We must also be advised that anything that has to do with demonic symbols, the occult, witchcraft, and other demonic associations, there will be a direct connection to sexual immorality.

Baphomet is the all inclusive perversion symbol connected to perversion at its worse.

Which also is indicative of the perversion of sex acts such as anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse with humans, both homosexuality and heterosexuality as far as adultery and fornication, and bisexuality is concerned. Orgies included. It is also indicative with vile sex acts with animals. We must remember, anything that is repulsive is connected to Baphomet and without question, its symbol is indicative of such perversions.

I urge you to read this blog. Please click the link is below.

If you haven’t heard the audio recordings of Tears For Beyonce`, I urge you to listen to it.

Pastor DL Foster should be issuing a write up in his blog, GCMWatch.com as well. As soon as his link is available, I will share it on this page. However, do not wait. Just go to GCMWatch.com in case I do not have the link.

But for now, be informed and forewarned.

The information that we are getting is a clear indication that something may be going down that the Lord is warning us about. Or this was going down for a long time and the Lord is increasing our awareness and vigilance to pull some people out of darkness into God’s marvelous light.

Please click the link below.


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