10313617_10152419523414610_4658668157283614278_nI came across a post from a FB friend regarding the accomplishments of President Obama.

At first, it looks remarkable.

Except there were true statistics missing.

You know how it is in the political world. Leave out the bad report and just tell us the good news.

Here is my rebuttal to this “WELL DONE.”

Well done?

Yes, he deserves a “well done.”

9 million babies aborted. WELL DONE!

3500 are aborted every dayWELL DONE, MR. PRESIDENT!

One person argued that abortion didn’t come on his watch after I rebuked the fact that African Americans voted the wrong black man into office. That argument doesn’t hold water before the eyes of God.

Let’s not forget same sex marriage and the connections with the LGBT agenda.

There are approximately 1.1 million persons living with HIV/AIDS.
500,000 of them are African American, even though we make up 12 to 14% of the American population.


African Americans under the watch of this president and past presidents have historically made up half of all HIV/AIDS cases in the United States.

By endorsing same sex marriage, the president wholehearted endorsed the sin of homosexuality. Which is a clear and present danger to the viability and survivability of the Black family.


African American unemployment is 16% as opposed to white unemployment at 6.7%. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that this president or any president deserves a well done.

Let’s be clear about the facts.

And the real reason for these facts is……..judgment on the church and the nation because we do not want the Lord to govern this nation. So as judgment, God gives us the leaders we want.

Under this president, dangerous sex has occurred. While in the nation, the abortion mill has decreased in performing abortions.

I found out why.

It’s not just abortion mills are losing state funding but they are giving women the morning after pill, RU486 to induce a miscarriage. It is encouraging to note that the Abolitionist Society is a grass roots movement on the rise in the United States. This is of God. The Lord is raising up people to make history for His glory. While pro life has reached an apex, the Lord is raising up voices all across the United States to see that abortion is abolished in this nation.

By the abolitionists, lives have been saved.

Lives have been saved by others in the past and their efforts should not be minimized. But the push to finish the job is on. This includes the elimination of RU486.

We demand the unconditional annihilation of abortion by eliminating any means to accomplish the innocent shedding of blood.

As a pastor in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve preached a few messages about abortion within the safe confines of the four walls. Thinking that this was enough, a “preaching to the choir” mentality set in.

It was time to confront “first degree murder, depraved indifference.”

I am an Abolitionist.

Just a few blocks from Prevailing Word Ministries is the Lafayette Presbyterian Church. It was once a stop on the underground railroad, led by Harriet Tubman. Frederick Douglass preached in that church. Now, that Presbyterian church boasts of it’s abolitionist heritage but it is now an “inclusive” church. Supporting the sin of homosexuality.

They have perverted the ground by preaching inclusion of those that practice the sin of homosexuality.

The mission of the devil is to abolish righteousness.

For righteousness to be abolished, one would have to kill God.

We all know that this will never happen as proof of this is in the war in heaven.

We know who lost so right now, we are just going through the formalities.

The final judgment is soon to come.

In NYC, we’ve seen a reduction of abortion. And it didn’t take long to figure it out.

Former mayor Bloomberg permitted the morning after pill be given to teen age students in the NYC public school system, without parental consent to reduce the number of abortions. It is an indication that the hot ground of abortion is teens.

70% of abortions are teens.

But even with the reduction of abortion, abortion in the city of NY is still DOUBLE the national average. It is a clear indication that sexual immorality in the city of NY is double the national average.

With our own Black people leading the way.

Black women are 45% more likely to kill their baby than White women.

2 out of 5 Black babies will be aborted.

In 2011, 31,328 Black babies were killed in the womb.

The systematic killing is a disaster to Black families.

The men are just as guilty of first degree murder, deprived indifference.

While we have been seeing some promising adjustments by black preachers to address this issue, it is usually addressed in nice places with pompous and festive hotel ball rooms. Yet, outside the churches where we preach are people that need to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be born again, and to abstain from sexual immorality.

Men are responsible, but because we have let them off the hook, they seem to get away with murder.

Not on my watch!!!!

Under this president, dangerous sex is the root cause of this nation’s sins and God is not going to let sin reign.

Neither should we.

We must abandon the NAACP and other organizations that cater to this clear and present danger to annihilate the Black family by being proponents of the sins of adultery, fornication, and homosexuality.

We must abandon any church and pastors that support any agenda to annihilate the Black family.

Find a God fearing, Bible believing and living church that loves God more than sin.

We must begin preaching unpopular messages. The fuel of 98% of abortions declared as an inconvenience is adultery and fornication.

The Black people have swallowed the lie of safe, rare, and legal.

Making abortion legal doesn’t make abortion a righteous, moral issue.

Abortion is a seamless connection to sexual immorality.

A child must not be sacrificed to cover the sin of adultery and fornication.

IF you think the Lord is pleased with this spewing of well done, you have another thought coming.

And finally, 95% of African Americans got it wrong by voting Obama into office. 47% of Black people profess to attend church. Which means that overwhelmingly, people that we thought knew God and the Bible supported abortion and the sin of homosexuality.

There are some African Americans that believe that I and many others should let this go and just pray for the president. Be silent and say nothing.


We have to see why we have this president in office. We cannot let this go if the nation is still insistent on the sins it loves. When we see our people dying when something could be done, we must take action.

We will either read history, or make history.

There are too many people that is afraid to preach the truth because the comfort and safety of a lie is to appealing.

As judgment to the black people in church, attendance is decreasing, and the Lord is not going to send sinners to a church that endorse the sins God is vehemently against.

Sexual immorality is decimating the church. Yes, look around you and you may have a woman sitting there are a single parent. Look around your church pastor. You may have a woman sitting in your church that had an abortion. You look around at your men, pastor. Some of them are porn and chronic masturbation addicts. Women too. 1 million women a month watch the Playboy channel, according to Oprah Winfrey’s secret viewer of porn.

Where there is porn, there is masturbation, prostitution, adultery and fornication.

We have yet to hear from mainstream preachers such as Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, and others about the real reason why Women Are Not Loosed except in bed. We have yet to hear the truth about ManPower in sexual immorality, alive and well.

We get emotionally hyped but return as a prisoner of our lusts to perform dangerous sex.

We still permit practicing homosexuals to play on the keyboard, preach, sing, “perform and entertain” the people in the pews. We are still a Club and not a church.

The harlots of the church still service the pastors, deacons, and other males.

Why call an escort service and pay thousands of dollars when there’s millions of women in church doing the same for free.

100% fact. And you know it.

James 4:4. God never blesses a mess. He blesses obedience to His Word.

Sadly, Black people live under the Scripture of Proverbs 14:15.

Some of us are so gullible that we do not care about the true facts.

All that matters is that we got a Black man in the White House.

This thinking clouds the judgment of many people that profess to know the Lord. Yes, even White people that profess to know that Lord believe that they’ve done their civic duty by voting for a Black man to get into office. It’s like a feather in their cap that displays that they are not racist but inclusive of racial diversity.

But the agenda is the same, regardless of the color of a person’s skin.

The agenda of sin.

“Oh, those pesky facts.”

Ray Comfort made a powerful video on abortion. So powerful that it was worth sharing.

Here is the link…


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