Please Shoot My Baby Through The Heart

baby_portrait_201846canstock13971572A mother asks a doctor to shoot her baby in the heart.

Cold, isn’t it?


Who would ever have something like this done?

Well, if you shoot a baby in the heart after the child is born, it is called murder.

If you shoot a baby that’s in the womb with a needle that has chemicals to abort the child, it’s called………………abortion.

What’s up?

The NYS Senate is planning to put a bill up in their Women’s Equality Act that includes the ability of doctors and non doctors to perform late term abortions up to nine months.

The heart breaker is that doctors will be able to inject the baby’s heart with a chemical to kill the child.


Completely heartless murderers.

The demonic intention is to adjust the definition of murder so that murder is legal. If the murder took place in the womb, it is not murder. It’s called terminating a pregnancy. 

Yet, last year Kermit Gosnell was convicted of heinous abortion crimes, including the death of a woman that wanted an abortion. It was easy for Klanned Abortionhood, the leading abortion provider in the United States to bad mouth this black abortion doctor, responsible for 16,000 abortions in Pennsylvania.

But not so fast, Planned Parenthood.

You are not off the hook for this holocaust of 56 million babies. Hands that shed innocent blood is what God hates.

But not so fast mommy and daddy.

112 million people committed the sin of fornication and or adultery, decided to kill their child to cover their sin. Hands that shed innocent blood is what God hates.

But the Lord God still offers forgiveness of sins after repentance. The Lord is slow to anger and full of compassion. The Lord God will abundantly pardon man when man repents (change his or her mind).

But don’t commit murder and then ask for forgiveness. If you were told to repent before you had an abortion, don’t go through with the procedure.

If after you had an abortion and you were told to repent, God will forgive you. But don’t knowingly go in there and have an abortion when you had the chance to save a child’s life.

In the Woman’s Equality Act., there is nothing equal about using a woman. There is nothing equal about killing a baby in the womb.

There is nothing equal about abortion. 

It is inconceivable that these things are happening in the United States, but it is happening in broad daylight.

In NYC, the abortion rate is double the national average which means that adultery and fornication happens twice as much as the rest of the United States. In the article, you will see an amazing statistic that 79.5% of New Yorkers are against late term abortion up to the ninth month.

This is a clear indication that the people in NY know that this is wrong. It’s not even close to 50 – 50. It is a mandate. It is more than a mandate. It’s a no brainer landslide of epic proportions. Yet, the people in New York must get the message across to the State Senate in NY.

Email your representative. Make phone calls. This bill must not pass in the Senate. If this does, what will stop them from pulling out a gun and shooting your child in broad daylight? What will stop them from you giving birth, then they determine that you do not have the money to support that child outside the womb, and they execute your child on the spot?

It’s bad enough that they want to inject a drug in the baby’s heart to kill the child. But now we are talking about late term when the viability of a child’s survival is very high. We are talking about murder by abortion that must be abolished.

The reduction of abortion is an accomplishment, but it is not the real solution to the needs of women and families.

The real solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The only solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Adultery and fornication is the fuel of abortion. Holy living to refuse to impregnate a woman starts with the men. Even if a woman attempts to seduce you, refuse her seduction and walk away. Women, when a man tries to smooth talk you into give him one thing, walk away from him.

Many will say that it is not easy.

When you look at what you have to go through to terminate a life because you didn’t listen, it makes it easier. Let’s take it a step further.

When you have to stand before the Lord before His throne to answer for it, should you not repent and are forgiven, if your name is not found written in the Book of life, you will be cast into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone forever. Not for the abortion, but for refusing to repent and to make Jesus the Lord of your life.

The church bears the brunt of the responsibility to preach and live holy. We also bear the responsibility of telling the truth and sounding the alarm.

If we fail to do so, innocent blood will continue to be poured on our hands.

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This is stunning.

New York Abortion Bill OKs Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

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