American Abortion – Hamas, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS On American Soil Since 1973.

There are American terrorists in the United States.


American Terrorists.

I am not talking about the Timothy McVeigh kinds where you drive a rental truck up to a building and blow people away. The punishment is commensurate with the crime. We have no problems with the verdict, conviction, and the carrying out of the punishment. Timothy McVeigh deserved the death penalty for the murder of 167 innocent persons.

But when it comes to “abortion,” we are not as vehemently disgusted.

We are not as outraged.

A holocaust has been underway since 1973 and even before when back alley abortions were the norm. But women were dying and definitely children were dying as the coat hanger would perforate the womb as they pulled a child out.

Since 1973, over 57 million children were murdered. Abortion may be man made legal, but it is not safe, it is not rare, and it is not moral.

Compare 57 million to 167.

Not even close.

Women still die (Tanya Reeves) and others.

A man and a woman deliberately have immoral sex, whether it’s adultery or fornication, and all of a sudden, she is pregnant.

The solution?


The little child is sacrificed.

He or she is sitting comfortably in the womb, looking to the mother for support and protection.

For the womb was designed to nurture and protect the child until 9 months have passed.

Then in an instant, the trauma of a child is realized. The baby tries desperately to survive, but fails. The abortion doctor succeeds and the baby fights desperately, but is no longer a recognizable person.

Just a blob, tissue, or fetus.

Completely dismembered and put together again to make sure all the parts are present and accounted for.

Terrorized no longer, the baby rests in pulled apart pieces.

The terrorist won the lopsided battle of life.

The birth of a child is to be a grand moment where the child comes into the world and expects to be loved and cared for. What has happened is that when a man and a woman fail to do things right (marriage), they do things backwards.

The sin of adultery and fornication is the fuel for abortion.

1 John 2:14-15 says, Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. For all that is in the world, the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away and the lusts thereof, but he that does the will of the Father abides forever.”

Instead of spending $650.00 to kill a child, abstain until you are ready to get married, then plan accordingly.

That’s family planning according to the Word of God. Killing a child is not family planning. It is murder no matter how legal man makes abortion. You expect a murderer to be convicted.  You expect that person to be put on trial and given the maximum sentence allowed by law.

But with abortion, murderers are given a free pass.

Instead, the womb is invaded by a murderer.

Doctors take an oath not to harm life, yet, they betray that oath to terminate a life because the timing of the child is wrong. This nation has turned into a nation of terror for children in the womb.

NYS has double the national rate of abortion and is the epicenter or the capital of legalized capital murder. America and other nations are responsible for the deliberate murder of countless millions.

America is ISIS, Taliban, AL-Qaeda, Hamas, and all the other terrorist groups combined.

Calling Americans terrorists is going too far. Nope, we haven’t come close to peacefully going far enough to stop our own holocaust.

Again, I do not advocate violence of any kind to stop abortion. It would make us no better than an abortionist. The moral high ground must be maintained by peaceably applying Biblical solutions to a serious but solvable problem and sin. Peaceable Christ-like solutions where there is zero tolerance for behavior that discredits the Bible we claim to live and preach from. Anyone that advocates destruction of life is not worthy of the cause of abolishing abortion.

In fact, they betray the very word called “life.”

To gloat the death of any abortionists is equally hideous and insane. In fact, it is equally as hideous and insane as murdering a child.

It discredits and disqualifies anyone from being a professed believer. It taints our testimony and this hurts God just as much as an aborted child. All life is precious and deserves the opportunity to repent and be saved.

John 3:16 is for the whole world. Not just for a select group.

Abortion in America makes terrorists look innocent and merciful.

And any terrorist is not merciful. Is it no wonder that terrorism came to the United States in 1998, 2000, and 2001 because we terrorize our own children by pulling them violently from the protection of the womb?

The doctors that took courses to save lives are now turning on our women and butchering the innocent lives in America. I do not condone murdering abortion doctors.

Just as I do not condone murdering children. Both are heinous acts of barbarism that must be equally condemned. All of a sudden, in America, we condone the murder of innocent children because men and women have illicit sex and they look to remedy the “mistake” by taking it out on an innocent child.

Just look at the title “Planned Parenthood.”

Yet, the number one abortion provider calls abortion “Planned Parenthood.”

How can you plan to be a parent when you deliberately intend to kill a child?

You are not planning to be a parent. You are attempting to prevent becoming a parent. Whether you kill a child by abortion or let the child live, you are still a parent. We’ve had enough of the compromise positions of past organizations that seek to just minimize or reduce abortion.

The complete, unconditional dismantling of abortion is what’s demanded.

To teach people about the sanctity of life. To teach marriage between one man and one woman. To teach them how to plan to let life live, and not choose murder. The preaching of the Word of God in the schools to help people be children of God by being born again.

Return prayer and the reading of the Scriptures to schools. No, not to force people but at least to make it available for those that want to practice true faith in Jesus.

So what will it be, America?

Shall we continue to outpace the Taliban, Hamas, AL-Queda, and ISIS as the premier terrorist organization or will we change our minds, repent, and implement real change.

The Abolition of Abortion. AHA.

Author: The Minister's Crucible

The Minister's Crucible is designed to inform the Body of Christ about the inner workings of the ministry. The word Crucible from Latin, is "crux" where we get the word "cross" from. It also means a "metal container" where metals and other substances are melted or are subjected to higher temperatures, put to the temperature test. The Lord Jesus said "If any man desires to follow after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me." Let's take up our cross and follow Him.

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