Pastors & Politicians : Stop Letting Sin Stand In Your Pulpit

stock-photo-abstract-of-speaker-with-podium-128086265It happens more often than we could imagine.

Years ago, as a young believer and preacher, I would watch my pastor, Reverend Dr. Benjamin James Lowry invite politicians to speak in the pulpit at Zion Baptist Church.

Back then, it would be considered an honor to have certain politicians address the congregation. Obviously, the politician would use the opportunity to showcase” their candidacy or garner votes to remain in office. These political episodes were successful and certain candidates would continue for years in office with the help of certain high profile pastors.

A church would be a safe place because it served as a civil way to address people without being questioned about certain positions, and it served as a platform for pastoral endorsement purposes.

If the pastor endorses a candidate, the congregation would feel safe to vote for that candidate.

Irrespective of a politician’s position on certain things, the people in the church would suppress the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, and vote for that candidate.

For years, this has been the normal/abnormal way to do business. We reject God like the children of Israel did in 1 Samuel and the Lord God gave the children of Israel what they wanted. Saul was a classic example of a man that loved the applause of people while disobeying God. Saul’s cowardice was noted when Goliath challenged the children of Israel. Kings that have a heart for God will fear no man.

Yet, these are the same kind of candidates we vote into office here in America.

Candidates that please the people instead of fearing God are dangerous candidates.

James 4:4 is a very powerful Scripture because these days, we are finding that pastors are on the wrong side of the Word.

There is a reason.

A pastor’s Secret Sexual Sins life is the foundation.

What does Secret Sexual Sins have to do with politics?


The political candidates of today support the sin of homosexuality and abortion.

Many pastors support these sins as well.

Out of the side of their mouths they will say…….“I know what the Bible says about homosexuality and abortion…….but I’m going to support this candidate.”

When you hear that, it’s a dead give away that they support a position that is clearly defined in the Word of God as sin.

Pastors all across the country have compromised the Word of God and that gives some people a license to compromise the Word of God too. Only the sane believers will walk out of that church and find a legitimate pastor that stands for the Word of God no matter what.

Only insane believers remain because they are crazy.

You heard me right. CRAZY!!!!!!!


No one survives being against God.

Exodus 20:5-6 “…For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.”

Jesus said in John 14:15 “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”

John, an apostle of the Lamb said this in 1 John 5:2-3 “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.”

Is it no wonder that sin is in the house of worship as they pretend to praise God?

Where is there harmony between God and the pastor?

Is that harmony sensed, known and cultivated among the people?

Where is there a genuine fear of God in the house?

You do not get to rewrite the commandments to suit your lifestyle and justify sin.

Is it no wonder that perversion is evident in the house of the Lord and the world approves?

There are pastors that are in bed with the NAACP, a rogue organization that is no longer a house for Civil Rights but Immorality Rights. Pastors receive their honors and that’s an abomination before God.

“Come out from among them and be separate says the Lord.”

Listen to the Message Bible of Matthew 15:1-9

“After that, Pharisees and religion scholars came to Jesus all the way from Jerusalem, criticizing, “Why do your disciples play fast and loose with the rules? “But Jesus put it right back on them. “Why do you use your rules to play fast and loose with God’s commands?

God clearly says, ‘Respect your father and mother,’ and, ‘Anyone denouncing father or mother should be killed.’

But you weasel around that by saying,

‘Whoever wants to, can say to father and mother, What I owed to you I’ve given to God.’

That can hardly be called respecting a parent.

You cancel God’s command by your rules.

Frauds! Isaiah’s prophecy of you hit the bull’s–eye: 

These people make a big show of saying the right thing, but their heart isn’t in it. They act like they’re worshiping me, but they don’t mean it. 

They just use me as a cover for teaching whatever suits their fancy.”

So should we expect the people of God to live by the Bible that we are not living from ourselves?

Should we expect the people to abstain from sexual sins when we can’t abstain ourselves?

Does God approve of our deliberate intention to sin against God and His Word?

Paul said this in Romans 6:1-2

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it.”

This will not end, unfortunately. Why? Because pastors are too busy boosting their personal profiles to look important before the people to care about the heart of God. The LBJ administration knew how powerful a pastor is and decided to institute a policy to prohibit pastors from speaking against politicians.

After watching the Civil Rights Movement topple segregation, especially after the King assassination, he found a way to get Blacks on the bandwagon.

Congress gave Blacks the right to vote and then silenced the pastors from speaking against the politicians or risk losing their tax exempt status.

For years, this has hampered a pastor’s ability to apply the Word of God against any candidate that has the hint of sin in the pulpit.

Yet, at the same time, they use a pastor’s pulpit to be endorsed and voted into office.

This double standard must cease.

I make it my business to tell people do not vote for candidates that support sin. If they do, they will give an account to God for their votes. While I cannot stop people from voting for certain candidates, the best I can do is warn them not to vote for a candidate that support what God is strictly against.

This is a free speech issue and the First Amendment allows me to say what I want. Outside of the First Amendment is my responsibility regarding who I allow in the pulpit. If a politician desires to speak at the Lord Church, the answer is NO!!!!!!!

Whether they agree with the Bible or not, the answer is NO!!!!!!!!

I’m not going to stop a Bible series just to look good and have pictures taken.

Wait until after service for picture taking. In fact, if I know that you support the sin of homosexuality and abortion, I wouldn’t want to look like I endorse you with my face.

Don’t call. Don’t ask and I won’t tell you NO because you were told way before you called in this blog……….NO!!!!!!

If we can’t preach against candidate (a law I refuse to obey) a candidate can’t say anything in the pulpit.

If pastors would take this stand, we can cut off a lot of sin in the house of worship.

But I suspect that there are a lot of jelly fish backbone preachers in our pulpits that will give in and do it each year.

Author: prevailing word ministries

My wife, Valeria and I are the pastors of Prevailing Word Ministries in Brooklyn, NY. We have one daughter, Sherylynne. We are all authors. The Holy Spirit and You, by pastor Valeria, Altered Destiny, A Hustler's Choice, by Sheryl, and The Minister's Crucible and Secret Sexual Sins, by pastor Fred. Please visit to listen to our groundbreaking series "Secret Sexual Sins. You may download it free of charge from iTunes.

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