Adult Entertainment – Uncovering The Masquerade

For decades, the symbol “XXX” carried the notation that it’s a pornographic film. XXX.001

As a young child, walking to the movie theater on 42 Street in Manhattan, we would walk by row after row of movie theaters with the “XXX” symbol.

According to Wikipedia, XXX, a type of X rating applied to some pornographic films. (And) xxx, a top-level domain intended as a voluntary option for sexually explicit sites on the Internet.”

But look closely at the X’s and you will also note that if you were to use the Roman numerical system, “XXX” is 30. One “X” meant 10. So “XXX” could also mean maturity.

According to Biblical numerology, 30 is the number for maturity.

The Levites would not enter into service until the age of 30 (Numbers 4:23). Jesus didn’t start His earthly ministry until the age of 30 (Luke 3:23). Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15, 27:3,9).

As a side note, 30 means full price or mature price” and silver, according to Biblical Hermeneutics means “redemption.” So the full price of our redemption was paid by Christ based on the full betrayal of Judas. Judas was paid in full to betray Jesus.

Therefore, there is nothing entertaining about adults fornicating, committing adultery, homosexuality, or bisexuality.

They call it entertainment like it’s amusement. There is nothing amusing about sexual immorality (see Revelation 21:8 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

So when you look at movies that carry the rating “Mature Audience” or “MA,” there is no question that there will be sexually explicit scenes or some measure of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, or bisexuality.

So in the perverted sense, “XXX” is full sexual perversion of immorality deliberately intended for “mature audiences.”

However, it is deliberately targeted for young audiences to snare them in the pit of sin that leads to hell.

There is no question of the boldness of showing sexually provocative scenes but instead of playing a game of masquerade, they should just be bold about it and call it what it is.

Fornication, Adultery, Homosexuality, and Bisexuality.

They won’t because they do not want to expose children to this level of debasement of immorality.

But they are doing it in crude ways in our public schools.

The Internet is the top place where children are exposed to sexuality. Followed by the movies and certain playstation games.

The trailers and billboards are full of “teasers” to capture the imagination. Ensnaring both men and women. Women see that their femininity is a power. Foolish men fall for it and the rest is history. Foolish men fall under the spell of an immoral woman. Not realizing that it was demonically inspired. Again, women see it as a power to influence men.

When you watch the commercials, you will see sexually provocatively dressed women parade their flesh. The Weather Channel, certain major News Networks, like FOX, and CNN. It’s no longer professional. It’s a stand still red carpet just to see what they are wearing. Nothing is left to the imagination. It’s like they dress for going to “work.”

Lately, with movies like “Kingsman (look at the billboards and there is a sexually provocative woman selling the movie), 50 Shades of Grey, and Focus,” is the demonic trap.

The way some movies are made is that there has to be some element of sexuality to sell the movie. The residual payday goes to the “Adult Entertainment” arena when a man or a woman trapped in porn will declare that the movie was not enough to satisfy their thirst for deeper sexual sins.

Then there is the church. Women come to church dressed to trip men up. Every Sunday, a holy man of God has to fight to keep pure. From the time he walks out the door until he gets home. The lust that lurks in his flesh must be crucified, even in the church service. Sadly, temple pimps and prostitutes still infiltrate the church. Those that profess to be holy are not. Hidden in some of them is the “sleeper cell”  of sexual immorality, waiting for the right moment to snare the foolish into the perverted bed of immorality.

All these things has the potential of leading men into the den of sexual immorality, no matter what the venue is.

So the next time you see “XXX,” now you know what it really means.


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