Bishop & Spring Breaks In The House Of Worship: A Manifestation As Revealed In Secret Sexual Sins II MOAB

images-7perf6.000x9.000.inddThis is another sign of the times. An allegedly sexual deviant Bishop is holding spring breaks……in the very church he is supposed to be ONLY ministering the Word and worshipping the Lord. Well, it is proof of what the Spirit of God showed me in a vision as recorded in my book Secret Sexual Sins II MOAB which could be secured at a reasonably affordable price here.

Just in case you think I am going crazy about Secret Sexual Sins, we need not go any further to underscore the overwhelming evidence as recorded in Charisma News which could be read here.

Author: prevailing word ministries

My wife, Valeria and I are the pastors of Prevailing Word Ministries in Brooklyn, NY. We have one daughter, Sherylynne. We are all authors. The Holy Spirit and You, by pastor Valeria, Altered Destiny, A Hustler's Choice, by Sheryl, and The Minister's Crucible and Secret Sexual Sins, by pastor Fred. Please visit to listen to our groundbreaking series "Secret Sexual Sins. You may download it free of charge from iTunes.

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