The South Carolina Church Shooting : Additional Information To The Cause


There is no question that the events of the shooting of 9 innocent persons was tragic and our hearts and prayers goes out to the families that lost loved ones.

No one should have to walk into church and shoot people because they were Black. But it did happen.

Mr. Dylann Roof, a 21 year old white male, came with the intent to kill people.

It was reported that after he confessed to the police that he described the people to be nice and friendly. He allegedly told the police that he almost didn’t carry out his intent to kill because of how nice he was treated. But he committed murder.

Many of us, including myself concluded that it was racism but I came with additional preconceived conclusions that the attack was retaliation for the June 13th prayer meeting that the governor of South Carolina called for. It was a statewide prayer and fasting meeting carried live by God TV. I do not know if this pastor was there at that prayer meeting on last Saturday. Whether he was there or not is not that important.

The prayer meeting in South Carolina was called because the nation and the state was in trouble and needed the help of God.

Then by way of another source, I found out that The Boston Globe reported that the pastor was killed the same day he was campaigning for Hillary Clinton. As you well know, Hillary Clinton supports the sins of abortion and homosexuality.

The pastor is also a state Democratic senator.

I will say that it is confirmed that he was a supporter of abortion but unconfirmed about homosexuality.

His voting record on abortion could be read here.

Regarding the state’s position on same sex marriage, their position is clear and could be read here.

And additional information about South Carolina’s stand against same sex marriage could also be read here.

Based on the last two known positions, most Democrats in the state Senate of South Carolina is clearly against the sin of homosexuality. However, we are unclear about Pinckney’s personal views on the sin of homosexuality.

One thing is certain.

God cannot protect people that are against His principles.

God is absolutely clear about the sins of abortion and homosexuality.

As we all know, abortion and homosexuality are known established, entrenched positions of the Democratic party. And yes, there are moderate Republicans that support the sin of homosexuality and abortion. And yes, there are some independence party people that support the sins of abortion and homosexuality.

There is no question that the Bible is absolutely against these sinful positions and to list Scriptures is not pointless but the opponents know well enough the Biblical prohibitions. I will say that when the children of Israel in 1 Samuel went against the Word of God, the Lord at Shiloh had the Philistines take the ark of the covenant which represented the manifest presence of God.


Because Israel committed perversions in the land.

After the first battle with the Philistines, Israel lost 4000 men. Israel committed adultery and fornication in the temple and the entire nation. The high priest, Eli didn’t discipline his sons and honored his sons above God and His Word. Eli got fat off of the food his sons fed him and as Eli aged, his eyes were growing dim.

The eyes of Eli growing dim was a natural progression that reflected the condition of the nation.

When the children of Israel cried out as to why they lost the first fight, they decided to get the ark of the covenant. Israel let out a shout that shook the earth. The Philistines heard the shout and got scared. But they manned up and took the battle to Israel. Israel lost 30,000 men and the ark was taken.

Whatever protection Israel had was taken from them and they fled.

When sin enters the camp, there is no protection.

When man rebel against the principles of God, there can be no protection.

I used this story because the same principle applies.

I thought at first that it was Christian persecution as a result of the prayer meeting on Saturday, but I was wrong.

I thought it was racism but that too was an incorrect answer.

Was Mr. Roof a racist and did he kill innocent people based on his racism?


But the pastor supported abortion and  the jury is out on Pinckney supporting homosexuality. But by campaigning for a person that supports the same platform in the person of Hillary Clinton is inexcusable when you know the Word and you’re a pastor. 

Call me wrong and cold hearted. 

At a time of grieving and mourning, the last thing we need is this information, right?

Let’s ask some tough questions. Are we prepared for tough answers?

Can God protect us when we are in sin or at the very least, support and condone sin?

If you answer yes, you do not know your Bible and God very well.

If God protects platforms for sin, then why did He had Michael and the angels kick satan out?

If God protects sin, then He must apologize to the inhabitants of the land that He had Israel kick out and restore the land to them. If God protects sin, then He has to raise the dead of Sodom and Gomorrah and restore the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.

If God protects sin, then He has to apologize to His only begotten Son for dying for the sins of the whole world.

If God protects sin, then He has to call all those persons that went to hell out of hell, resurrect their bodies and apologize to each one.

Am I saying that since he supported Hillary Clinton that he deserved to be killed?

Absolutely not.

What I am saying is that if you leave the door open to support something that God is against, the hedge of protection is lifted.

Just like in this nation.

9/11 happened because the people of God, namely the church, walked in sin and the nation became a reflection of the condition of the church and almost 3000 lives were lost, the economy, to this day, is not about to recover from pre 9/11 times. We are growing more defiant to God as the days go by. Just as the nation of Israel resisted the Lord and His Word, terror was appointed.

The people that profess to know the Lord is not living up to the standards of the Lord. Our Sunday morning worship is not matching our Monday through Saturday living. In some places, the church service is no different than the bars and clubs. Some of the people of God still make excuses for living compromised lives that even confuse the devils.

So it is with anyone that sin without repentance, and support the platforms of abortion and homosexuality.

We must be certain that we be found obeying the Word of God and not be in violation of His principles.

We can’t be found supporting the principles of sin and those that support such positions.

Otherwise we are enemies of God according to James 4:4.

Again we pray for Emanuel AME church, the families of those lost, and for South Carolina.

But we also pray that we turn from the sins that are an abomination to God and be found walking in the Word the way we are supposed to be– from hypocrisy to true holiness.

The Boston Globe article could be read here.

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