Pastor Asks Homosexual Bakery To Make A Cake……You Are Not Going To Believe What Happened


A pastor decided to ask a homosexual bakery to make a cake that says “I Don’t Support Homosexual Marriage” or words to the effect.


Proverbs 16:11 says “Honest weights and scales are the Lord’s; all the weights in the bag are His work.”

The opposite is true.

Dishonest weights and imbalance scales are the devil’s; all the crooked weights in the bag are the devil’s.”

It is a clear and undeniable evidence of a double standard in the United States.

You see, homosexuals want to penalize Christians for not making a wedding cake for homosexual weddings. Cakes by Melissa by the Kleins had Biblical convictions about partaking in wedding ceremonies of homosexuals. They were fined $135,000 and a gag order was imposed upon them so that they would not talk about their case.

It has already been done where a person poising as a homosexual man going into muslim bakeries to ask muslim bakers to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. In each case, the muslim refused to offer their services.

We know that homosexuals are not going to have the guts to go into a muslim bakery. But when it comes to Christians, they have no problems going into a bakery where there are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who will refuse to make a cake for a homosexual wedding because of their First Amendment guaranteed right to practice what they believe.

The administrative judge has “prohibited the free exercise thereof.”

But to know that a pastor had the nerve to call a homosexual bakery to have a cake done that declared his anti stance of the homosexual marriage is a brilliant move.

I do not believe that it was done maliciously.

It was done to prove a point.

That the elite of homosexuals are targeting Christians.

Granted, there are a few homosexuals that see the point. Of course the elite of homosexuality will not like what other minority homosexuals are saying. That it’s not right to target Christians. But it’s the truth. To deny that it’s not happening is to deny that the sky is blue.

This is draconian despotism and a reflection of a totalitarian mindset not seen since the days of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.

I should have known that someone would do this brilliant maneuver but I wasn’t thinking.

The report about this pastor done sometime around April 2015, could be read here.

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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