Courage To Reveal Your Secrets – R C Sproul Jr.’s Involvement In The Ashley Madison Hacking


Luke 12:2 and Psalm 90:8 never fails.

A very well known man of God, R C Sproul Jr., revealed his Secret Sexual Sins.

It takes courage to put out your sin. However, it should never take a hacker to put it out there to get you to confess.

It is unfair to speculate and it isn’t right to assume when you do not have the facts.

As best and as transparent as possible, R C Sproul Jr. put out as much details as possible to get us to understand his involvement with Ashley Madison’s adultery site. He is a widower so this, according to him, may have been after the death of his wife in 2011 of cancer.

One thing about secrets that I do know, unless this is a very truthful revelation, it leaves open the possibility that other secrets MAY be lurking. We do not know for certain and again, it would be very unfair to speculate without facts.

When dealing with Secret Sexual Sins, it is clear that there is the possibility of other forms of involvement in sexual sins, such as porn and masturbation that may be evident. Each person is different. There may be no involvement of porn and masturbation by R C Sproul Jr. We do not know and it would not be appropriate to seek this information.

I know what this is like BEFORE the Lord exposes you.

In my book Secret Sexual Sins, there is a chapter called “Come Clean! Or Be Exposed.”

I detailed how the Lord rescued me before He would tell the world what I had been up to in porn and masturbation.

It’s embarrassing for the Lord to put your sexual business out for the world to see, but when you insist on sinning before God, and then attempt to cover it up, you shall not prosper (see Proverbs 28:13).

The one thing that God always does is that He offers grace and forgiveness no matter how far along you are in your rebellion. When God exposes our Secret Sexual Sins, it is embarrassing but had we received the chastisement of the Lord before exposure became necessary, the embarrassment would still be there but He will graciously restore us on His time table and not ours.

There was a statement that said, “If you expose yourself, you keep your job. If God exposes you, you lose your job.”

I find that sometimes, that may be the case depending upon the individual. Sin definitely disqualifies a person from ministry as Paul states in 1 Corinthians 9:27, but we also see that restoration is the heart of the Lord in Galatians 6:1-3.

In order for quality restoration to come to fruition, we must never set a date for a return to ministry. We may suggest. We may ask. But that power should be left up to a strong accountability team that is tough but compassionate. Offering sound Biblical counsel to get a person that was once in ministry back on his or her feet again.

Jesus restored Peter after Peter betrayed the Lord. Every Saul needs a Barnabas, son of consolation. God restores the soul according to David’s 23 Psalm. Psalm 51 is the adulterer’s Psalm.

As I have stated in a previous blog post that 400 pastors (could be more) may have used the Ashley Madison adultery site.

More than ever, the web of sexual immorality is spread out to capture many souls to get them to hell. We need to pray for our leaders and we must be ruthless about our sins before we are ruthless about the sins of others according to Matthew 7:1-5.

Let’s keep R C Sproul Jr., and others in our prayers.

R C Sproul Jr’s admission of sin is on his web page and could be read here.

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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