Perversion In The Class Room Of A “Christian” School


The last place where sexual immorality ought to be is in a Christian School.

Lately, what we’ve been seeing is women predation on male teens in Middle and High School.

Granted, teens do fantasize about sex with teachers, but rarely do we see male teens muster up the courage to “make a move” on their teachers. Male teens, more than likely, will make a move on classmates. Not that it’s never happened. It has, it’s just a major fear factor for young teens to approach a female teacher.

On the other hand, female teachers are getting bolder and young male teens are on the sexual predation menu. It goes with saying that male predation of female students is just as horrible and occurs as well.

It is common now. More common than we thought.

While we should be upset and appalled by these alleged actions, we see that it’s not just the men involved in taking advantage of women. We see that it’s now common practice for women to “flirt” with underage boys. But it goes beyond flirting. We see regularly fornication and or adultery.

Hebrews 13:4 says “Marriage is honorable among all and the bed undefiled (un-soiled) but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.”

There used to be a line that female teachers wouldn’t cross but now, we see that the lines no longer exist, at the very least. That underage boys is fair game for the lust filled heart of a woman. This is not to say that this woman in question is a born again follower of Christ.

If so, she betrayed her Lord for the pleasures of sin with a then minor.

There’s several things we could talk about but in the Bible, we see that feminine predation of men is common.

Delilah was one. She played both sides of the fence. Married to Samson but sexually available to other men (see Judges 14:18-20). Now while this Scripture doesn’t give the appearance that she committed adultery, the phrase “plowed with my heifer’ could be an indication that she committed adultery, or it could be taken that her countrymen put serious pressure on her to get her to pressure Samson to reveal the riddle. This is more common and it is a generally accepted interpretation.

Though Jezebel was married to Ahab, she orchestrated complete control of men in the house of Baal with the use of the threat of death and sex. The temple prophets, 450 men were also possibly male sexual prostitutes.

Some will say that there is no Scripture to support this but associated with the Baals are the Ashtoreths (associated with feminine gods of fertility, see 1 Samuel 12:10). Concurring with this is the pattern spoken of in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (see Revelation 2:20-22) regarding Jezebel teaching sexual immorality in the local church.

We talk all the time about male predation and it is real. But there is also female predation. Females could be just as vicious a predator for sex as males.

They will uses their femininity to overpower a male but lately, the younger ones are in their crosshairs. Boys just maturing into puberty.

At this age, between around the age of 11 to 19, most boys have already sexually experimented with themselves in some form of sexuality, manually stimulating themselves to release sexual tension, commonly called masturbation. Should this happen by “wet dreams” or masturbation, at first, it’s a euphoric experience that awakens them sexually. It quickly becomes a drug and hooks them into experiencing orgasms more and more.

Once this is established in a young boy, over time, it becomes the most difficult thing to break.

Sexual pictures in his mind triggers him sexually and he will relentlessly pursue the experience over and over again because of the design of the human body in a male. As Dr. William Struthers said, a male is “wired for sex.”

Visual stimulation sets off a chemical chain reaction in the body of a male that, when yielded to, will not relent until orgasm is achieved or deliverance from God in obedience to His Word, yielding to holiness.

If you do not bridle your urges and impulses, lust will take you further than you’re willing to go, cost you more than you’re willing to pay, and keep you longer than you’re willing to stay.

With over 33 years of bondage to masturbation with multiple relapses, I am aware of the rage within me. The Lord spoke to me and said that “You can’t claim that you’re delivered when you commit the same sin you claim to be delivered from.”


Whether they would be aroused by sexually explicit pictures on the Internet or TV, the games they play on their Xbox, or a teacher in the classroom, or the constant barrage of young females leaving little to the imagination on the streets, classrooms, gym class, cheerleading, watching female sports, or other common places.

The sexual attraction surrounds them to perk their interest.

In the classroom, the eye contact and other forms of expressing sexual interest is now common place. But now, it’s exceeding every boundary.

Sexual predators are real in men and women.

It’s a longing for something or someone to be satisfied and they refuse to find full satisfaction in the Lord. Unbridled, the passion, urges, and impulses are engulfing everything suppressing self control to seek sexual release. They burn with lust and set out to victimize a male, no matter how young they are.

It is also about controlling a male.

The foundation of female predation is about exercising complete ruling control over a man. A way to the heart of a man is not through his stomach but beyond his zipped up pants.

He knows that if he is not strong in heart and mind, his body will yield.

A man could be ruled by his upper head or his lower head.

Boys do not know that sexual sin with a smooth talking seductress that her house and bed is the staircase to hell. Without any controls, he plunges headlong down a staircase. Not knowing that, as the Book of Proverbs tells us, she has slain many mighty men.

Yes, men that didn’t know any better. Very few, like Joseph, understood the price and avoided the seductress by running for his life. Joseph was imprisoned twice.

The pit, and the prison.

But if you were to ask Joseph if he would have ran again, without batting an eye, he would show you how it’s done.

What could a parent do to help his son avoid these demonically inspired traps?

First, you have to look closely for certain signs that puberty is taking place or it has taken place. His interests in females takes on a different meaning. His internet interests. His movie selections. His conversations about women changes. Who he’s hanging out with. Does he blush or had he adjusted to conversations about women? There’s other signs but use this for starters.

Visit with his teacher regularly. Make sure that they know that you are the parent in action, not just in title. Be proactive when necessary. Meaning, surprise encounters if possible. When you see something that is out of the ordinary, do not be quick to dismiss it. Investigate it until you’re satisfied that nothing sexually is going on.

If something sexually is ongoing between a minor and a teacher, report it immediately. Then seek help for you and your son.

If feminine predation is not discouraged, more young underage boys will step into the arena of life as victims.

It’s no telling what they will become if they do not get the help they need.

We do not need the spirit of sexual predation turn a man into a “Ted Bundy.”

And for that matter, that same spirit is not impossible for females turning into a Ted Bunny either.

The story from Fox News could be read here

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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