About Pastor Fred Rochester

Fred Rochester and his wife, Valeria Rochester are the founding pastors of Prevailing Word Ministries in Brooklyn, NY.

Pastor Fred Rochester, a Navy Operations Specialist, Third Class veteran of the Cold War, is a recovering level one sex addict (porn and self gratification, commonly called masturbation) and has completed studies on Healthy Sexuality and Treating Sexual Addiction from Light University in connection with the America Association Of Christian Counselors. He also completed the 60 day course called “Way To Purity” from Setting Captives Free by Mike Cleveland.

Pastor Fred convenes the Men’s Meetings at Prevailing Word Ministries for the purpose of dealing specifically with sexual addiction recovery in a safe, non confrontational, accountable discipleship environment and other issues pertaining to men. He has over 30 groundbreaking episodes on Secret Sexual Sins on BlogTalkRadio.com. He is the author of The Minister’s Crucible and Secret Sexual Sins designed to provide an actionable Biblical solution to a serious but solvable problem.

Pastors Fred and Valeria were saved during their teen years and was called by the Lord into the ministry and licensed to preach in 1979 while they were members of The Zion Baptist Church, in Brooklyn, NY under the leadership of the late Reverend Dr. Benjamin James Lowry. They both share an unquenchable passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. Married in 1982, they have one daughter, Minister Sherylynne Rochester, born in 1985. Sheryl, author of “Altered Destiny, A Hustler’s Choice,” is a graduate of The Girls Choir of Harlem and holds a BA degree from Five Towns College in Dix Hills, LI. A versatile praise and worship leader, singer and guitarist, she just released her new hit single, “I’m Blessed,” arranged and produced by Shawn Keys, Inc.

In 1987, Pastor Fred was ordained by Pastor Ernest Cameron, Pastor Valeria was later ordained after they started Prevailing Word Ministries. After a season of discouragement, in 1989, they became members of The Harlem Tabernacle Church of NY under the leadership of Pastors Ernest and Barbara Cameron. At the request of Pastor Ernest Cameron, they served as staff ministers and pastors until 1994 to resume Prevailing Word Ministries. Pastor Valeria holds a BA degree from the King’s College and an MA degree from Trinity Theological Seminary. Pastor Valeria is the author of “The Holy Spirit And You.”

It’s not about book sales, engagements, or notoriety. It is about being a part of the greatest assault on sexual immorality in the church by networking with other likeminded pastors and believers to bring the Word of God to bear on this ungodly issue.

There is only one Bright And Morning Star, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are “just an icon,” as Bishop R. Mitchell says, “When He clicks the icon, move out of the way, and let the program run.”

This is MOAB, The Mother Of All Battles. Sexual Immorality is the Goliath of our times.

Are you ready to battle for what is right?

For further information about the pastors, and Prevailing Word Ministries, please click this link to our website, www.prevailingwordbiblechurch.org.

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    1. A. Nonymous, thanks for your comments, however, I am not sure what you meant by heroine and heroin. Please clarify for me if I said this somewhere and it’s a misspell somewhere in something I wrote. Thanks, and God bless you.


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