PUSHING BACK AGAINST LGBT Rights. One Of LGBT’s Greatest Fear.

wedding-cake-gay-10858776In Charisma News, Arizona has “pushed back”¬†with a very powerful piece of legislation.

Christian businesses have the exclusive right not to serve homosexuals will be protected by law in Arizona.

The governor still has to sign the bill into law.

Of course the complaint is that this is discriminatory but as we have been saying all along.

Sin and racism are two different subjects.

If being a person that stands against homosexuality is discrimination then putting a murderer in jail is discriminatory.

It goes further than that. There is a push to make pedophilia legal. In some cases that were reported, child molestation takes place when two men raising kids takes place. In one case, a woman caught her partner making a move to molest her daughter. Her maternal instincts kicked in and she took her child out of the country to avoid lawsuits.

Get my point?

This is the kind of legislation that will get much attention, all the way to the Supreme Court. But it’s the kind of protection Christians need to be free to exercise the right not to allow their services to be used to bolster the sin of homosexuality.

2 Corinthians 6:14-18¬†tells us to be separate. Christians must reserve the right not to be party to a person’s sin. Making a cake to celebrate same sex sin falls in that category. Besides, if homosexuals want a cake to celebrate their sin, there are plenty of places they could go to have their cake made.

There are plenty of places that would love their business too.

But that’s not enough.

It is a clear demonstration of bullying to force Christians to violate Biblical principles to endorse the sin of homosexuality.

It’s not enough to legislate. LGBT’s goal is to get Christians to compromise Biblical values so that God and the righteous people of God could endorse the sin of homosexuality. Like I said, if you get turned down from Christians, just find another place where your business would be accepted.

We do it every day. When a business refuse to do service, we find another place that would accept our business. The business lose business. That’s done every day. To make a point to punish a business, a lawsuit is issued to hurt the business. This is childish. Just find another place that would make your cake.

Somewhere Christians must make a stand so that we will not violate the Word of God and our sacred right to uphold our God given rights.

The more we stand up to the bullying tactics of LGBT, the more strength we will gain to be a witness that sin is not applauded or celebrated.

We know that this isn’t over because the strategy to overturn this is underway. That’s fine. We know that counter attacks are a way of life in this issue, but for now, this is a big victory.

Below is a link to this great news.


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