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Missouri: The Last Abortion Clinic In The State


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Missouri has only 1 abortion death house in the state.

After the state imposed several hurdles for Planned Parenthood abortionists to jump over, the plot thickens. A judge placed an injunction on the requirements imposed by the state in order to perform abortion.

It’s conceivable that it may go to the Supreme Court.

But under the radar, there’s been significant pushback to close as many abortion clinics in this nation as possible.

The media has been instrumental to give the appearance that abortion on demand will never relinquish its hold on the nation, but we’re seeing a different picture.

Despite what we read on the Internet, newspapers, or advertised on the airwaves, what’s taking hold is that abortion on demand is disdained. Americans are slowly realizing that abortion is a hideous crime.

Several anti abortion groups are responsible for getting people to see that the systematic procedure of destroying a life has serious implications.

We can’t ignore the fact that there’s still a great proportion of supporters for abortion but on the political scale, support is waning.

Sadly, there’s other states willing to liberally kill babies.

The closing of Missouri’s last remaining death house, perhaps, have forced mothers to seek other states to kill their babies. However, I believe that the resolve to get information to people that abortion is murder, hopefully will further erase this demonic sin on this nation.

We must be clear that fornication and adultery is the fuel of abortion.

The next line of defense is to carry the child full term with the primary goal of taking on the responsibility and raise that child.

The next line of defense is after birth, give the child up for adoption.

Many will argue that incest and rape is a good excuse to murder a child.

According to the CDC….

1.7% of abortions are for rape or incest.
0.3% of abortions are for confirmed medical reasons.

Seems like these fall under the category of “rare abortions.”
Killing a life is killing a life as far as rape or incest is concerned. The child pays the price.

Rape and incest is just as wrong as murdering a child.

98% of abortions are because the mother cites “inconvenience.”

But fornication and or adultery was convenient sex.

I don’t want to call this a revival but when you see the mentality and attitudes of people change regarding abortion, something is happening.

But here’s another thing to consider.

There’s other means used by people to prevent conception which may be responsible for the decline in abortions. However, there’s no recorded decline of no sex. Also, this nation has had the lowest birth rate since the late 1960’s.

But at the top of the list of no conception is ABSTINENCE!!!

To abstain from fornication and adultery is the highest form of prevention.

Abstaining and waiting to be married is true planned parenthood.

Killing a child is anti parenthood.

The sex is planned and parenthood is highly possible.

That’s why marriage before sex is the plan of God.

The state of Missouri is deliberately making every effort to close the door on abortion since 1973.

Other states are following suit.

Slowly, we’re seeing the left’s strangle hold on the nation deteriorate for now.

Don’t be deceived.

They’ll still be out there, but for now, their time is fading. We shouldn’t say that they will go away, but it’s heartening to see people come to their senses.

Abortion is not planned parenthood, it’s the murder of an innocent life.


You could read the story from US News & World Report here

The Lie Of Reproductive Health Care


Riddle me this?

How is killing a child reproductive health care?

How is abortion Healthcare?

If you are taking away someone, it’s subtracting, not adding.

If you’re killing, you’re not reproducing.

You’ve deliberately stopped the beginning stages of reproduction.

It’s a false notion to terminate a child before they’re born to avoid the penalty of murder. But that’s not the case. Even in the womb, that person was deliberately murdered.

We wipe our mouths like no wrong or sin was committed.

Not so fast!!!

Murder is murder whether in the womb or outside the womb.

Murder is murder no matter how many laws man may pass to excuse the snuffing out of a life within the womb.

Do this to an animal and all the animal rights groups will bring a lawsuit against you, they will get you arrested, tried in court, convicted, placed in jail, fined, and lambasted in the news.

Many will argue that the mother is choosing to end a pregnancy but in reality, they’ve chosen to snuff out a life.

If you have any sense, just because a male and a female engage in fornication and adultery, they deceive themselves into believing that they have a right to kill a baby.

They do this by declaring the “pregnancy” that’s actually the child, an inconvenience.”

But if you used your brain, the immoral sex was convenient?

So, convenience and inconvenience.

The choice is about pleasure, then all of a sudden, the child is inconvenient.

We argue all of the time about abortion but what also should be mentioned is the immoral sex that made the conception of a child possible. If people would think with their head and not with their sex organs, the life of the child might possibly be spared.

Conception is possible when sex takes place.

Conception is impossible when two people abstain from sex.

Let’s face it.

Most males will not stop to put on a condom.

If 1 million males have sex without a condom, and 1 million abortions takes place a year, it’s proof that conception took place because the female and the male agreed to not use the false notion of safe sex.

And condoms fail as well as in pre ejaculation, sperm is present. As well as STDs once bodily fluids are exchange in any form.

Inconvenience is the reason why a child is killed. But you had convenient immoral sex.

You see, as long as we lie to ourselves, deceive ourselves into thinking that reproduction choice is a health care issue, if we buy this lie, it only reveals how blind in sinful pleasure we are.

And the child in the womb became expendable.

Hence, reproduction became destruction.

The child in womb gets to have their limbs pulled apart.

The child in the womb gets to have their brains crushed by forceps.

The child in the womb gets to feel the pain of chemicals burning its precious skin.

The child, in the 3rd trimester gets to get pulled out of the birth canal and have their neck snapped by scissors.

This is called by the world…..reproductive health care.

If this is reproductive health care, then murder shouldn’t be a crime.

In fact, since killing a child isn’t immoral, what’s stopping us from murdering each other. I am not condoning the hideous act of murder. But look at the can of worms that will come out when murder is no longer considered a crime.

So when you call abortion…. reproductive health care, be mindful that there’s noting healthy about killing an innocent child.