The Real Hate List: SPLC & Intolerant Homosexuals


The Southern Poverty Law Center is the bell ring, alarm sounding branch of LGBT.

Their NWO (New World Order) purpose is to label anyone that speaks truth to power regarding homosexuality.

The moment you say something correctly from the Bible about the sin of homosexuality is the moment you are labeled as a “hater.”

I have seen the list and I have yet to see the name of the Lord and the Bible on that list.

After all, we preachers of holiness and righteousness is only repeating what the Bible said. We are only quoting to you what God said.

As usual, the hatred is misapplied. But then again, it is the fact that we on earth are the mouth piece of God.

Some will say that could God speak for Himself?

He already did.

Through His Word.

We already know the response of man when God speaks in Exodus 20:1-21. As soon as He showed up with His presence, the people feared. Should the Lord show up like that, we would give the same response as the children of Israel.

Don’t worry. When the Lord shows up in the end, you will see why.

All we preachers are doing is giving you what the Lord said.

IF we are hated for it, we have no problem with it because we know that you hate God.

But by using the media and other means to make a list, calling us haters, perhaps you need to put yourselves on your own list.

Being that you hate Christians, the Bible, and the God we serve.

The story about SPLC calling The Liberty Counsel a hate group could be read here.

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